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Mitchell Wight @MitchellWPG
Friday, September 30, 2011

The Nashville Predator’s 3-2 shootout victory over the Winnipeg Jets was an entertaining affair, but I took some time to take in some of the atmosphere in the time before and after the opening faceoff. Here are some random nuggets of insight, for what they’re worth (which is probably squat):

  • The better half and I arrived downtown two hours before puck-drop, and found ample free parking within a ten minute walk of the MTS Centre.  Keep your eyes peeled for parking on the streets (it’s free after 5:30 p.m.).
  • Had a lot of time to kill before the big game, so we went to 4Play to catch some of the Bomber game. I couldn’t help but wonder if there was a pot of gold under each of Alex Brink’s first three passes of the game. Note: I also considered referring to his passes as freshly-baked muffins, but the rainbow analogy seems more fitting, since everyone loves rainbows.
  • Free line-up cards? Are you kidding me? Clutch move, True North.
  • Speaking of True North, even though I missed the memo about yelling “true north” during those words in ‘O Canada’, I already think that is a must from now on.
  • I’m sure that no fans in the league cheer more for a big hit than they do in Winnipeg. Reminds me of a game from the Jets 1.0’s last series vs. Detroit when Shane Doan laid out Dino Ciccarelli, and the crowd reacted like Doan had found a way to save the Jets.
  • Hey Burmistrov, practise your dangling AFTER you cross the other team’s blueline.
  • I’ve quickly discovered that Zach Bogosian’s go-to move is to make his first pass straight up the middle. No wonder he was minus-27 last year.
  • Saw a couple of “Every Day I’m Scheifele’n” signs/shirts in the crowd. I have no idea what that means, but I’m going to assume it is referencing some sort of sex move that Mark Scheifele is famous for.
  • I have never in my life seen the line-up for the men’s washroom so much longer than the women’s. Isn’t part of the arrangement that engineers have with sports fans is to make sure that men don’t have to wait 15+ minutes to take a leak? Also, I’ve seen bigger bathrooms in a Petro Canada than there are in the upper concourse. Never mind raising the roof to add seats, how about bringing back the trough?
  • I love the Predators’ new yellow jerseys.
  • Bogosian had better learn to keep his shot down on the PP. Unless, of course, he was trying to break Scheifele’s jaw – in which case, he’s getting really good at it.
  • Caught the third-quarter score in the Bombers game. 29-6. Ouch. Remember when they were 7-1? Me neither.
  • When the Bombers started 7-1, someone should have reminded them of an old quote from Winston Wolf.
  • I’m pretty sure that if the Canadian Dollar tanks, and Thomson Reuters goes under, and Mark Chipman has to go back to practising law, the Jets will still make money based solely on 50/50 ticket sales. I think tonight’s pot was around $4.6 mil.
  • Kyle Wellwood should go straight to the ECHL.
  • The loudest cheer of the night came during the second intermission when they started giving away free shirts — only in Winnipeg.
  • I don’t think I saw more than three authentic, non-Chinese Jets jerseys in the entire crowd. I’m not necessarily against it, but it’s really a shame when someone buys, then wears this jersey.
  • What is with the cell phone reception at the MTS Centre? For crying out loud, I have an actual MTS phone! Block Rogers and Telus all day long for all I care – but can I get one bar for more than 5 seconds every hour?
  • Scheifele scores the tying goal, and the place goes nuts. I still think he should go back to junior, but I don’t know how Cheveldayoff will break it to him considering how he has been playing.

Jets lose in a shootout, and Scheifele doesn’t even get a shot. Is that an omen? Stay tuned…

Click here for the Box Score and video highlights via NHL.com

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  1. ElectricForHairWPG says:

    We should have crushed Nashville like a giant water bug. did you notice how pesky they looked scampering across the ice?

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