Post-Honeymoon Jilts
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Mitchell Wight @MitchellWPG
Friday, September 30, 2011

With just over a week to go before our months-long civic orgasm finally reaches its climax, and Winnipeg reclaims its rightful place in the greatest hockey league in the world, I feel I must damper the mood with a dose of reality; our beloved Jets will likely toil near the bottom of the standings this year. While I can safely assume that it will take some time before the honeymoon is over and the hard reality sinks in, I wonder who will be the unfortunate soul who raises the ire of the 15,004 faithful enough to cause them to jeer their efforts, or lack thereof.

Below I have listed five of the more well known Jets, and their odds of being the first Jet booed (in Sport Select format, of course).


Zach Bogosian — His play so far this fall has been decent, and he appears to like Winnipeg, so that has bought him some time since his (near) holdout. But if his plus/minus doesn’t improve (minus-27 in 2010-11), he might find himself earning some guff from the masses.  $2.30

Evander Kane — While he is still very young at 20, he showed lots of maturity by asking for Bobby Hull’s blessing to wear the Golden Jet’s famous #9. Barring a 20 game goalless drought to start the year, I’d say he’s in the clear.  $3.60

Nik Antropov — Watching the first pre-season game versus Columbus, I couldn’t help but be reminded how fast NHL hockey is in person. That is, until I saw Antropov lugging the puck. Either he’s too slow or too lazy, but likely both. His lackluster work ethic, combined with his $4 million salary makes him a clear favorite, and a sure bet in my books.  $1.20

Ondrej Pavelec — Considering the fact that he was the main reason the Thrashers weren’t relegated to the AHL last year, I think Pavelec will get a lot of slack from the fans. However, Winnipeggers have been known to express their distaste of sub-par goaltending, something that both Daniel Berthiaume and Stephane Beauregard can attest.  $3.20

Dustin Byfuglien — Putting aside his alleged weight and legal problems, Big Buff set the tone for the NHL’s return to Winnipeg about 8 seconds into the Columbus pre-season home opener with a big hit, followed by his first man-handling of the year. That, coupled with his eagerness to pose in a vintage Jets jersey at the NHL Draft this summer will earn him the longest leash on the team.  $6.50

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  1. I agree with your assessment on Antropov. I don’t think he could keep up with our beer league team right now.

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